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Seo Soft

follow and improve you keywords position in Google.
Simple, efficient and 100% free (open source in GPL3)
Seo soft is the most used open source SEO Software since more than 7 years.
(and it's a forever free software)

  Google is the most important source of traffic for the majority of Internet sites. To obtain more visitors from Google, it is very important to optimize the referencing. This free software is there to assist you in this task.

  This software helps you to follow the evolution of the referencing of your Internet sites. It collects the positions of your sites in Google according to your keywords. Thanks to this SEO software you can easily visualize and analyze referencing. Each keyword position is displayed with simple graphics. The use of this software is simple and intuitive.

Here's my personal example: How to double the number of visitors in a month with SEO Soft.

     Very simple and intuitive use.

     Follow the evolution of Google positioning.

     Software 100% free

     Simple visualization thanks to graphics.

     very fast Update of Google positioning

     Light program, without installation.

     Includes an RSS reader & an integrated web browser.

     website & RSS addresses simple to configure.

     Possibility of building loyalty amongst a big part of your visitors*

* Build loyalty of big part of your visitors by offering them this software. Just configure your RSS and your site in the affialiation page.


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"SEO Soft : a must have SEO software for free SEO"

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